About Us

Ken Parke Planning Consultants Ltd was set up in January 2003 and fast became one of the most prominent planning practices on the south coast.

We deal with planning applications and appeals including public inquiries, informal hearings and written representations. The firm is familiar with the procedures and individuals within the various Local Authorities, including the political processes, and pride themselves on their negotiation and problem solving skills.

Planning can be a difficult and frustrating business. However, with our methodology and expertise, we know the best way to get our clients the permissions they need. We are well known for our straight talking, no nonsense approach and have strong views on getting the best for our clients and not giving in to unreasonable demands.

As a practice, we are always keen to develop relationships between the relevant parties involved in the development process, including local authorities, in order to facilitate better and efficient planning. Planning has, however, become increasingly bureaucratic and sophisticated which makes this task much more difficult. Rather than bowing to the increasing demands of local authorities Ken Parke Planning Consultants advocate taking a tough stand and fighting for what is fair and reasonable.

Our ethos of putting together well supported arguments, attention to detail, problem solving through thinking outside the box and skills of negotiation and reasoned argument are what makes us a successful and well respected practice.