Planning process

The process of development, whether small or large scale, residential or commercial, is subject to many variables.

The process of development, whether small or large scale, residential or commercial, is subject to many variables. Ken Parke Planning Consultants Ltd can assist with one or all of the criteria which take the developer from concept to reality.

Site appraisals and feasibility studies

Using our up to date systems and planning knowledge, we can often provide basic planning appraisals of a site without even seeing it! Simply providing a few details allows us to research the feasibility of development and give you the confidence whether or not to proceed with your plans. More detailed appraisals and reports can be given following a site visit and inspection of the area.

Design solutions

Many sites can be problematic. For example, there may be privacy issues or parking problems. Ken Parke Planning Consultants Ltd can assist in devising appropriate and site specific design solutions to overcome such problems.

Working with you and your architect

We can assist in creating schemes which accord with the various planning policies and adhere to the latest Government guidance

Submit your planning application

Utilising the latest systems, we can then submit your planning application efficiently and accurately to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Planning, Design & Access statement

Our service doesn’t end there. All applications are accompanied by a Planning, Design & Access statement which includes a character appraisal of the area, identifies the constraints and opportunities of the site and identifies the relevant planning policies before discussing the proposals and addressing the various issues.

Negotiate with Local Authority officers

We will negotiate with Local Authority officers throughout the process and, if necessary, prepare and present a deputation to the Local Authority Planning Committee.

Notice of Appeal

Unfortunately, although we have an enviable success rate, we cannot guarantee planning approval every time. Indeed, many clients only come to Ken Parke Planning Consultants Ltd when they encounter a problem or when an application has already been refused. Fortunately, planning appeals provide an opportunity to challenge the reasonableness of a Council’s decision. We can assist in recommending the most appropriate method of appealing a refused planning application and lodge the Notice of Appeal on your behalf.

Submit Evidence

Following the Planning Inspectorate’s confirmation, we can submit evidence to provide a thorough and well considered reasoned justification for your proposals.

Represent you

We will then represent you throughout the appeal process to its conclusion.

Continue working with you and negotiating

During the appeal process, we can also continue working with you and negotiating with the Local Authority in order to reach a suitable solution.

Ken Parke Planning Consultants Ltd are also highly experienced in dealing with:

  • Planning Enforcement matters
  • Planning in Conservation Areas
  • Advising on planning obligations and the preparation of unilateral undertakings
  • Sustainability studies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Land-use Conflict Resolution
  • Development Plan representations