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July 28, 2023

The deadline is fast approaching for biodiversity net gain (BNG) regulations due to come into force in November.

Under the new rules, proposed developments must give the natural environment a boost of at least 10% in biodiversity.

This includes most new housing, commercial development and infrastructure although some schemes will be exempt, such as home extensions.

Planning applicants will be need to provide a ’biodiversity gain plan’ and set out biodiversity on site before and after development.

The new regime includes onsite and offsite mitigation, including the option to purchase BNG Units.

The measures were introduced in legislation by the government through the Environment Act to reverse the decline in biodiversity.

Forward planning is essential for any individuals, developers, organisations and businesses in terms of such factors as costs, funding, project viability, risk management, timescales and delivery.

Please contact us to find out what this means for your scheme and to discuss your BNG strategy