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February 5, 2024

We are advising the public and those in the development industry that they will not have a chance to lodge views on the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) local plan until March 20 at the earliest.

As a business based in Bournemouth and provide planning consultancy services across the whole BCP area, we are leading a campaign to raise concerns about flaws in the draft plan.

The local plan sets out the framework against which all development proposals will be assessed across the BCP conurbation until 2039.

The six-week consultation was due to be launched soon after a meeting of the council approved the draft document on January 9.

An updated timetable from BCP Council for its Local Development Scheme showed that there is a delay and that the public will not have a chance to lodge views until March 20 at the earliest.

Our managing director Ken Parke said: “The precise date that the consultation will open has yet to be confirmed, but this will last for a six week period once commenced.

“This will be the last opportunity for developers, locals and stakeholders to comment on the local plan.

“It will set out the strategy for how much, where and what type of development will take place across BCP Council’s area until 2039 before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for examination.”

He added: “The document is predicated on facilitating all new residential development within the existing urban area but includes policies which will severely limit the ability and viability of this required development to be delivered.

“The plan is overly detailed and cumbersome and we consider it to be fundamentally flawed.

“We are urging all in the development industry to make representations to influence the outcome of the plan so that it is a positive document that facilitates development.

“It is important that everyone takes the opportunity to share their views when the public consultation does eventually open.”

BCP Council released an updated Local Development Scheme at the start of February which proposed the following timetable for the remaining stages of preparation of the emerging BCP Local Plan:

  • March/April 2024 – Draft Local Plan published and six-week public consultation begins
  • June 2024 – Draft Local Plan submitted to government for examination
  • Remainder of 2024 – Examination in public hearing
  • Summer 2025 – Local Plan to be adopted

Ken added: “We clearly have strong views on the direction being taken.

“As a practice that is passionate about our local area and making sure development needs are met, we will be making our own representations as part of the consultation

“We will be happy to represent others’ views as part of the process, including promotion of land interests you may hold, and encourage anyone with concerns or views to get in touch.”

The draft BCP Local Plan and Draft Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule went to a full meeting of the council on January 9.

An emailed update from the council stated that it would be consulting ‘shortly after 19 March 2024 for a period of six weeks’ with a link to its updated Local Development Scheme timetable.

Contact us to find out more about the draft local plan policies and their potential impact.